The Simple Reason Why it Feels Impossible to Market Your Business Online

You finally did it. You went out on your entrepreneurial limb, held your breath and bought your domain name. You raced to secure your social media handles and spent hours developing and tweaking your website to make sure it's perfect. Your branding is sharp: it represents how you want to convey your services and who it's for. Your mind cannot stop racing with visions of the products and services you want to offer. You become excited thinking of all the possibilities that your online business will grant you: an empire that will support you financially while helping others, freedom from the throes of the 9-5 and the flexibility to give you time to enjoy life.

You know that success in the online business world is possible because you see so many other people in your industry who have six-figure launches, a solid online reputation and adoring fans who will buy anything from them. But after a while of doing everything you can to get noticed by your target audience amounts to little sales and no real community, you second guess whether this life – and this success – is really meant for you.

My friend, what you've fallen victim to is not because of luck or chance. You simply just don't have a solid public relations and marketing strategy and plan to get you noticed, recognized and paid for what you're offering in your business. And that's a large part of why nothing is sticking despite your hard work, no one is buying what you're offering and everyone is ignoring your emails.

You might think that you're doing all of the right things: adding pins of your blog posts to Pinterest, tweeting up a storm whenever you're online and showcasing your brand whenever you can. But I'm here to tell you that what you're doing right now is organized chaos and not a sustainable way to implement your marketing, track your results and focus your efforts.

Marketing your business without a plan or a strategy is organized chaos and leads to nowhere.

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Let me assure you that creating a PR and marketing strategy with a plan is easier, less stressful and less time-consuming than you think. Because, really, there's no need to waste any more of your precious hours, weeks or months on failed marketing tactics that's getting you no sales, no fans and no authority in your industry.

And once you have your strategy nailed down and a plan to execute it, you may experience feelings like this:

  • Euphoria because you finally have a clear plan in place that's tailored for your business (and not a mish-mash of other things)
  • Relief because you don't have to do everything you thought you needed to get your business “seen”

  • Clarity because you understand what will turn your strangers into customers and your content into sales

So how do you begin crafting a strategy that blows your customers' minds and makes selling easier than before? First, you have to make sure you have these basics in place:

  • Nail down your target audience (get so specific, you're only targeting one person!). Here's the reason why you want to revisit this: this one person is not on every social media channel, nor are they ready to buy on every channel either. If you think about how this person consumes media, you can adapt your marketing strategy to only include the social media channels that your audience is a part of (and primed to share your content and buy).

  • Figure out your authentic voice so you can stand out in the crowd. Chances are, there is someone that is offering something similar to what your business is. But how do you make sure you stand out from your competitors so people can tell you apart? Why would someone want to work with you instead of someone else? For example, even though Wal-Mart and Target offer the same types of things, there are certain people that go to one store or the other because the brand resonates with them. Keep these things in mind and make sure to use them as distinguishing traits in your marketing.

  • Determine what type of communication comes naturally to you when you are reaching out to your target audience. Do you like sharing information about your brand through broadcasting software like webinars and Periscopes? Or do you prefer to be behind-the-scenes and instead create content and do guest posts? Hone in on how you want to communicate; that way, it doesn't seem like “work” or “time sucks”.

How do you like to promote your business online? Let me know in the comments below.

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